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Tom Roth recently sent me some pictures by mail. So I scanned them and added them to our site! Thanks for adding to our site Tom! Hopefully you'll get the ball rolling. 

 I believe Tom got a call this past spring to a apple orchard. This isn't a swarm but a complete natural hive attached to a tree. They tend to make residents nervous and are unlikely to survive for any extended period of time, this is when a experienced beekeeper can save the day.

This can be challenging but Tom cut the "hive" out of the tree and placed it inside a traditional hive and after a period of time they accepted the new hive and left the old one. They are now under the protection and guidance of a experience beekeeper and are much more likely to survive and prosper. Tom built a glass display case to display and protect the comb hive and it's a great educational tool now.

This is Tom's grandson and helper tasting some spring time honey. Looks like it passed the test!

This is Tom's Honey Jar display set-up at Mill Hollow, part of Lorain Counties Metro Parks. My guess is that this is during Pioneer Days. Looks like he has all the bases covered!