Bees at Work

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Early June and the Raspberries are in. (My favorite picture so far!)

Like a busy airport, the hive entrance is always full of action when it's warm and the sun is shining.

Bringing home the bacon, or should I say Pollen. I had to take this shot many times until I timed it right to show the bee's returning with loads of pollen on their hind legs. They don't waste anytime getting in the hive when they have a load of pollen which made getting a good picture challenging. How may bees do you see with pollen?  Despite all the rain they are finding it somewhere.

Where's the Queen? She sticks out like a sore thumb on this picture, almost dead center. Her long, stripeless body give her away. This is the hive that we had to re-queen, notice that the drone count is a little (very) high, there are many directly above her.  The workers will fix this in time.

It's July and the clover is in. I must admit I didn't mow my yard as often as I usually do.