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A tree trimmer called Rich Brutsche that he had bees in a tree that had come down during a wind storm.  He asked Rich to remove it.  Here are the pictures of it.  Rich put plywood on the bottom and top (hole in the top plywood).  A hive body was set on the top with a hole in the from of the hive body.  All the holes in the tree section were closed


After about a month the queen went into the hive body and laid eggs.  Rich put a queen excluder between the hive body and the hive.  The queen could not return to the tree section.  After three weeks (for the brood to hatch) Rich put a bee excluder with the queen excluder.  The bee could not go back to the tree section once they left.  The hive body has since been moved to a hive base.  I have not heard what he did with the tree section the bees were in.