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Queen Rearing Information (8 pics)

Installing a new package (5 pics)

Bee Test (3 pics)

The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids

Saul Creek Apiary - Bee information, Frame contruction, Frame wiring, Waxing frames

Bugs at Work: A Guide to Honey Bees and Bee Keeping

Not the Honeybee! (4 pics)  See "Bees and Pollination" below in center column -

Combine hives (2 pics)

Bees at work (5 pics)

The Bee Bee Tree

Bee Biology

Monroeville Hive in a House

ODA - Small Hive Beetle - Click on Small Hive Beetle Information in left column

Ohio Department of Agriculture - Apiary Section

Two Hives in a House in Olena

"Explore Your Backyard" 2009

Bee Source


ODA - Apiary Fact Sheets (PDF file -1.4MB)

Ohio Apiary Inspection Law and Rules

BEE TRIVIA (First screen click on cancel)

Roy Hendrickson's Queen Rearing Reading List - (PDF)

Build-It-Yourself - hives, nucs, bee vac, solar wax melter, pollen traps and much, much more


Growing Degree Days for Ohio

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Colony Colapse Disorder

Small Hive Beetle - Good picture of adult and larva

USO Christmas Honey Project 2010

Local Food Bank Honey Project 2011

Ohio Bee Identification Guide - OARDC - Wooster  NEW LISTING - (PDF - long load time)

2013 Beekeeping class pics

Bee and Pollination - Fact Sheets - OSU Extension Includes other bee like insects and pictures   NEW LISTING - (PDF) -long load time

Tom's Interesting Bee Pictures Off the Web!

How Bees Make Honey



Remember that there are many ways to take care of your beekeeping tasks, the pictures on this website are examples of one way to take care of matters, not the only way.