2 Hives In A House

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        In April of 2009 one of our members was asked to removed a hive of bees from a house in Olena that was going to be burned down by the fire department..  The house had been empty for many years.  The bees found a hole in a window frame on the second floor to enter.  It was noticed that bees were entering at a different window, also, which could mean two hives were living in the house. The hive by the first floor window was removed on Friday night.  The second hive on the second floor was remove on Saturday morning.    The comb and bees were removed from inside the house by cutting out the plaster and  wood lath.  The comb was cut to the size of a normal frame for fit to the frame and then rubber-banded into the frames.  The bees were gentle and clustered  in the hive body (pic below). 

                          .  The House.


Comb rubber banded into a frame                                                The bees as found under the window..   

  A few stray bees go to the window.

One house - Two hives of live bees -  Three stud spaces with empty comb from previous hives. The comb was saved.   Our "thanks" to the owners for thinking of the bees.