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 Honey Bee Swarm Removal 2017

Bees will swarm in the spring and early summer.  If you find a swarm of bees clustered in a tree or a bush give one of us a call.  We will be glad to hive and remove the swarm at no cost to you.  We do not remove hornet, paper wasp, or yellow jack nests.  They are in the wasp family and are not the same as honey bees. The list below covers Erie, Huron, Sandusky and Seneca Counties of Ohio and others.

       Contact Information of beekeepers interested in helping you and the bees.   


Michael Kisil             Huron, OH                                   419-366-0802

Larry Caueholl          Sandusky, OH                              419-239-1977

Ron Anwander          Western Erie Co.                        419-684-9857

Richard Sprague        Erie County, OH                         440-591-9453

Ace Hughes               Castalia, OH                               419-217-3032

Brian Kuas                 Erie County, OH                          418-656-3968 or 419-684-9708

John Schick              Huron & Erie Counties, OH         419-668-8947 or 419-681-1824

Kathleen Conn          Huron, OH                                  419-603-9660

Deb Hay                   Bellevue, OH                                419-483-7664


Carol Mahl               Southern Huron County, OH         419-681-3298

Jim Tansey                Wakeman, OH                           419-706-8458

Don Brown                 Monroeville, OH area                419-541-7801

John Merrilees          Huron County, OH                     419-929-8890

Richard Sprague       Huron County, OH                      440-591-9453

Steve Witter             Monroeville, Norwalk area          419-677-1265 or 419-668-1051

Mike Smith                Norwalk, Monroeville area          419-577-7552

John Schick              Huron & Erie Counties, OH         419-668-8947 or 419-681-1824

Rich Brutsche           Huron County, OH                      419-668-7386

Deb Hay                   Bellevue, OH                                419-483-7664


Terri Lowe                 Ottawa County, OH                  419-360-6874 or 419-898-6874

Ryan Hartman           Wood Counties, OH                   419-637-3703 / 419-392-2425

Mike Stone                 Ottawa County, OH                  419-707-1111


Richard Sprague        Richland County, OH                  440-591-9453


Ron Anwander          Eastern Sandusky Co, OH           419-684-9857

Tom Rathbun           Sandusky County,OH                  419-603-1749 

David Parkhurst        Sandusky County, OH                 419-547-8121 or 419-547-0737

Dennis Billow            Sandusky County, OH                  602-618-5141

Ralph Billow              Sandusky County, OH                 419-334-8490

Tom Reineck             Sandusky Cty/Fremont area, OH  419-332-3701 or 419-680-6685

Ryan Hartman           Wood Counties, OH 419-637-3703 / 419-392-2425

Evelyn Lepard           Sandusky County, OH                 419-307-6681

Linda Miller               Sandusky County, OH                419-552-9242

Roger Chaffee            Sandusky County, OH               419-585-2821 or 419-217-1943

Kim Hunter            Gibsonburg, OH                    419-346-6891  

Nick LIskai                Woodville, OH                              419-574-1857


Robbin Ewald            Seneca County, OH                    419-447-3408

Richard Vaughn         Seneca County, OH                    419-618-5477       

Bill Thiessen              Seneca County, OH                    419-603-3548 

Patrick Randall         Seneca County, OH                    419-656-3614 or 419-639-0116

 Paul Dundore             Tiffin, OH                                 419-937-3534

 Richard Sprague         Seneca County, OH                  440-591-9453

 Larry Baker               Seneca County, OH                    419-937-6355

Sue Rhodes              Fostoria area                               419-435-4473 or 419-619-5019

David Reynolds         Fostoria, Rising Sun, Wayne Cty, OH  419-619-1188 or 419-435-2868


Sue Rhodes              Fostoria area                               419-435-4473 or 419-619-5019

David Reynolds         Fostoria, Rising Sun, Wayne Cty, OH  419-619-1188 or 419-435-2868


Notes to help the beekeeper:

 - Check and make sure they are honey bees.  Yellow jackets, wasps and hornets are often mistaken for honey bees.

- How high is the swarm off the ground?   - knee high, waist high, chest high, over the head?

- What is the swarm attached to?  If a branch, how many inches in diameter?

 - What is the size of the swarm?   - softball. soccer ball, football, basketball?

 - How long ago did the swarm land?   - an hour, a few hours, a day, several days?

 -What is the property address of the swarm?

- How can you be reached - phone number?

- How accessible is the swarm from the road? - by a drive, in the backyard, Can a vehicle get close to the swarm?

Additional notes:

 * Once a swarm move into a hollow tree or wall it is no longer a swarm.  They would need to be cut out to be removed.

 * The beekeepers listed above do not work for the SRVBA.

 * SRVBA is not liable for any damages the bees do or for damages done while collecting the swarm.