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Installing a New Package

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Howard dropped by to show Gregg (a new-bee) how to install a package of bees in a new hives. First the top was removed, then the queen cage was inspected and set a side. 

Then the bees were shook into the hive that had a few frames removed. I was extremely impressed with how gentle the bees were through the entire process.

Then the queen was installed between a couple frames after the cork was removed from the candy end of the queen cage. 

It was nice having a mentor to guide this “new-bee” through the process. 

Yep, that’s a Folgers plastic coffee can that I made into a feeder, seems to be working just fine. 

About a week later the hives were inspected and all was going well. The queen was out of her cage and doing well in hive #1, the other was almost out of her cage so we decided to let the workers continue to do their job on the second.  Two days later she was out and doing well. It’s all good!

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